The update in the line of oxygen sensors from Denso.

oxygen sensorsDENSO announced the next significant expansion of the line of oxygen sensors for the post-warranty car maintenance. It gives the company the opportunity to give its clients an access to the wider assortment of the oxygen sensors, made according to the most advanced technologies of DENSO.

DENSO announces the expansion in the line of original quality oxygen sensors with 30 new items, replacing 60 catalog numbers of original equipment and providing 155 applications. As a result, the total number of oxygen sensors in the assortment of DENSO has increased to 447, and the number of applications — to 7621.

DENSO is one of the world leaders in the production of oxygen sensors: hundreds of millions of lambda- probes like hid headlights Silverado, installed in the cars all over the world, help to adjust and control the composition of fuel-air mixture. With increasing environmental requirements, DENSO improves the oxygen sensors.

The braking systems.

The braking systems.There are main types of brakes: drum disc, pneumatic and vacuum. Such device as a brake is applied to a full stop or a vehicle deceleration at the time of movement or after a full stop to warn against further movement. Many vehicles (cars and motorcycles, bicycles, and some aircraft) are equipped with wheel brakes. This mechanism typically is a device whose operating principle is based on the resistance and energy loss when the vehicle is decelerating. All of this is achieved by applying pressure to the brake shoe, the effect of which is directed against the rotating part of the brake attached to the wheel. During regenerative braking car saves the energy lost in the system to use it later.

Disc brakes are more durable and are considered to be effective in high humidity. This type is often used on motorcycles, bicycles and in cars.

Fog lights for the car

Fog lights for the carUsing of special fog modules can increase the range and breadth of the review. As a result, the car driver better control the trajectory, less straining sight and as a consequence is less tired. And it applies not only to drive in the fog. Fog lights are often used for illumination of the road and the curb during driving on a winding road or in urban courtyards (many parked cars and unexpected pedestrians complicate road conditions) . What is the difference? Not all the drivers know what is the difference between an headlamps and fog lights. And the difference is in the light beam, fog lights provide flat and wide horizontal beam that, with correctly adjustment shines directly over the road. Because the fog often does not reach the ground, fog lights are illuminated roadway itself, and not a drop of water in the air.

The correct adjustment of the fog lights determine the effectiveness of their work. In case of maladjustment they will dazzle oncoming drivers and touch the lower edge of the fog, reducing visibility abroad. Fog lights must be set at or below the main headlights. The adjustment is preferably carried out on a special stand.

Automotive sealants: choose the best ones

Various sealants have become an indispensable accessory in the lives of almost every car owner. Indeed, they are used in almost all parts of cars: glass, lights, doors, engine, body joints and many other places.

Automotive sealants

How to choose a suitable sealant?

Sealants in its application are enough versatile: they can be used as an adhesive, can replace certain automotive gasket, can fill the voids to prevent penetration of various liquids.

Based on the applied field, there are several major types of sealants:

  1. Sealants-gaskets, sealing sealants.
  2. Sealants for glass and joints.

Modern automotive sealants have a variety of substances in a formulation designed for different applications. We can distinguish numerous bands of sealants based on substances from which they are made, but is used in the automotive industry, mainly the following:

  1. Silicone Sealants
  2. Anoxic sealants (anaerobic)
  3. Polyurethane automotive sealants.

Tuning of car interior – features

Tuning of salon is a complex of actions that are aimed at changing the car interior. Thanks to this procedure we can make old and shabby interior as a very cozy and comfortable space that you do not want to leave. Changes made to the interior of your car, will delight you with its beauty and functionality; you will have the feeling that you got into a completely new car.

Tuning of car interior

However, it should be noted that the tuning of the saloon car is a rather broad concept. There is an incredibly huge variety of different upgrades that can be added to the machine, from the standard vibration, noise insulation to the trim replacement and installation of expensive media system. Some equipment can be expensive, but in the Internet you can always find cheap analogues performing essentially the same function.

The first thing you need to do with the car, it is to hold the cabin noise isolation and to establish normal acoustics. Further it is possible to change the dashboard and set the touch screen. All of this is not so expensive, at least cheaper than a new car, which are already installed with all of these options.

Nissan Serena will get autonomous driving feature

Nissan Serena will get autonomous driving feature

The new model will be available in the Japanese car market this summer. Proprietary system ProPILOT help driver to drive a car.

Nissan Serena

Autonomous control system independently regulates the movement within the selected band on the highways. It is able to control simultaneously the steering wheel, accelerator and brake system, simplifying the movement on the highway at high congestion and long travel.

ProPILOT is able to recognize different traffic situations and instantly solve complex problems. The driver can easily activate and deactivate the system using a switcher on the steering wheel, and an intuitive interface with a separate display shows the status of its work.

The new technology will be introduced on other models of the company. At the European Qashqai it will already displayed in 2017.

Each year the system will be complicated. So, in 2018 it will learn to change the lane automatically, and in the future will free a person from driving and will do everything itself, even in urban conditions at intersections.