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Automotive sealants: choose the best ones

Various sealants have become an indispensable accessory in the lives of almost every car owner. Indeed, they are used in almost all parts of cars: glass, lights, doors, engine, body joints and many other places.

Automotive sealants

How to choose a suitable sealant?

Sealants in its application are enough versatile: they can be used as an adhesive, can replace certain automotive gasket, can fill the voids to prevent penetration of various liquids.

Based on the applied field, there are several major types of sealants:

  1. Sealants-gaskets, sealing sealants.
  2. Sealants for glass and joints.

Modern automotive sealants have a variety of substances in a formulation designed for different applications. We can distinguish numerous bands of sealants based on substances from which they are made, but is used in the automotive industry, mainly the following:

  1. Silicone Sealants
  2. Anoxic sealants (anaerobic)
  3. Polyurethane automotive sealants.