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Fog lights for the car

Fog lights for the carUsing of special fog modules can increase the range and breadth of the review. As a result, the car driver better control the trajectory, less straining sight and as a consequence is less tired. And it applies not only to drive in the fog. Fog lights are often used for illumination of the road and the curb during driving on a winding road or in urban courtyards (many parked cars and unexpected pedestrians complicate road conditions) . What is the difference? Not all the drivers know what is the difference between an headlamps and fog lights. And the difference is in the light beam, fog lights provide flat and wide horizontal beam that, with correctly adjustment shines directly over the road. Because the fog often does not reach the ground, fog lights are illuminated roadway itself, and not a drop of water in the air.

The correct adjustment of the fog lights determine the effectiveness of their work. In case of maladjustment they will dazzle oncoming drivers and touch the lower edge of the fog, reducing visibility abroad. Fog lights must be set at or below the main headlights. The adjustment is preferably carried out on a special stand.