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Toyota Camry Headlight Replacement

Today I’m gonna show you on a Toyota Camry how to change out either your main Toyota Camry 2004 Headlight or your your bright headlight then it’s really pretty simple this is a hybrid same thing will go for a normal Cammy though there might be a little bit different placement things inside the engine compartment but pretty much what you need to deal.

As locate Is he going to come in right there you can see the back of the housing for. The lights here on the left side. And then all we need to do is grab hold the back of that to stick counter clockwise. Home for the direction we’re facing now. A clock face here. Counter clockwise.

2004 toyota camry headlightsSo I think that. Did this too so. It’s going to do is get out of here. Twist. Counter clockwise. And then gently pulled back on the. You will see. The gold. Well right now. No better angle here. You can see the ball there and it’s connected to some housing below that goes electrical system. On the back of this soon a super long cables can hardly spell 2004 toyota camry headlights. But there’s a little cooler. They need to earn clip you just push down on the bottom of it. And unclipped from the top I’m gonna do that with my Toyota Camry Headlights.

Spare scene and. And then come back and show okay so loose in that clip. And once they do that. This whole part will just pull out. So you buy a new bull this is what it’s gonna look like it’ll have. The actual bold on the end as well as additional plastic housing. That would catch to the rest of it there. So. I need to do is push back in just the way it came that clip was talking about. And if you can see.

There’s a little piece of. Not focusing. The little piece of plastic Toyota Camry Headlight right here on the end. And the clip comes right over top of that to hold it tightly in place. So you just put those 2 pieces together. And push them together firmly and tell you here. Get them in place. God I clicked into place. His need to find your way back to that opening. This was really easy to find. First put the ball in really gently. And then you’re gonna rotate at. Whatever the angle was when you pulled it out back at that same angle and this time instead of rotating clockwise.

You can see that it’s an angle right now instead of twisting it clockwise or counterclockwise Ringel clockwise. Clicks right back into place annual kind of hear it and feel it. Click into place you can tell. It’s backwards post to be. Of if you need to change other ball not sure if you can see it but it’s right. It’s right here. Behind the other. The ball they just demonstrated and it’s the exact same process. They’re on the right side of the car. Same thing you can see the wonderful love not sure if you can see it but.

Right here is the ones called villain. Is. Right here. So they’re pretty easy to spot just make sure you know which one you’re changing. And should make sure you get the right bowl for which when you’re changing then yeah just rotated counter clockwise as it was you’re facing the front of the Toyota Camry Headlight to get it out at the counter clockwise pull it out. Change doubled up with a new one on. Put it at that angle that you pull that out at and then retreated back to look up and down.